Paulinho Waiting out of White Hart Lane – Unlike last season, Paulinho today is not too worn Tottenham Hotspur. There is some possibility that the Brazilian midfielder will leave White Hart Lane this winter.

Brought a good price, 17 million pounds of Corinthians in the summer of 2013, Paulinho successfully penetrate the core squad Tottenham last season. In the Premier League, for example, he played 30 times, 28 of them as a starter, plus scored 6 goals.

But in this season it is less reliable manager Mauricio Pochettino. In the league he had played five times, it was all off the bench.

Because it is considered incompatible with the character style game Pochettino, rumors Spurs players are willing to remove it. Juventus and Inter said to be interested, but they do not want the price is too high.

The club, which is believed to be most interested in Paulinho is Corinthians. Reported the newspaper Globosport, they want to re-use energy 26-year player, but on loan.

Corinthians is likely to persuade Paulinho so requested leniency transfer to Spurs, because they know his pregnant wife, hoping to give birth in Brazil, because it could be close to family and its relatives.

Globosport also wrote, Paulinho almost every day to chat with old friends at Corinthians. Maybe it’s a sign that the player is started homesick.

Atletico Madrid Has Reportedly Agrees to Transfer Fernando Torres – Fernando Torres on the way home to Atletico Madrid. Atletico reportedly has an agreement with Chelsea and AC Milan to bring back the El Nino to the Vicente Calderon.

As reported earlier, Milan confirmed the existence of exchange Torres talks with Atletico striker Alessio Cerci. US report mentions that the Spanish international striker agreed to move to Atletico until June 2016.

Torres will join the squad next week’s Diego Simeone. While Cerci will be on loan to Milan until the end of this season and will begin to join his new team in a test match against Real Madrid in Dubai this week.

The return of Torres once granted Simeone who actually wanted the hope that Atletico sign him last summer. However, this can not be done by the club’s director Miguel Angel Gil Marin.

Only in the last three weeks, Simeone reiterated his desire to repatriate Torres, who then get a green light from the club.

Torres left Atletico in the summer of 2007 to join Liverpool. During uniform ‘red’, Torres was transformed into a vicious attacker and loved by Liverpudlian until finally decided to move to rivals Chelsea for 50 million pounds in January 2011.

But over at Chelsea, Torres had failed to shine before eventually loaned out to Milan last summer.

Five sporting events in 2014 the most widely discussed – This year’s World Cup showing one of the most entertaining football. But 2014 was also filled with tragedy and controversy.

BBC Sport Stephen Fottrell choose five of the most prominent sporting moments over the past year, including most so talk in social media.

Destruction of Brazil by the German

The success of Germany in the World Cup in Brazil and return glory in Berlin is among the most shared on social media of all time, including in the BBC audience.

But if you talk about shock value, the 2014 tournament will always be remembered for the brutal conquest of the host Brazil in the semi-finals by Germany, which later became a champion team.

The scene of the Brazilian players stand in tears and stunned after overpowered 1-7 by Germany in front of their own supporters were shaken, a prominent pictures.

Many supporters of the Brazilian team already worried that their team is not too impressive eventually will hit the stone too, but still hope that the wave of emotion and vigorously support will bring them to the finals.

Apparently, they never imagined that Luiz Felipe Scolari’s side could experience severe humiliating defeat like that.

Suarez bite on Cheillini

Another shake moments of World Cup 2014 Uruguay striker Luis Suarez bite against Italian player Giorgio Chiellini, who is very busy in conversation on the BBC Sport and BBC Indonesia.

Suarez had been convicted previously, even twice, for biting an opponent, while strengthening the current Liverpool and Ajax Amsterdam strengthen.

But do it again for the third time in the biggest football stage universal, makes a lot of people can not believe it.

This incident has also become one of the most popular events on Twitter throughout history, and is one of the most prominent topic on Facebook.

Suarez was sentenced to four months, making him have to wait until October to conduct the premiere for his new club, Barcelona.

The death of Phillip Hughes

Phillip Hughes is the Australian cricket player 25-year-old who died after being hit by a ball hit in the neck part that is not covered in the current patron down in a domestic match in Sydney.

He collapsed and never regained consciousness.

Expressions of grief from various circles appear wavy on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

YouTube sensation Stephanie Roche

When the candidates pemnerima “Goal of the Year” announced by FIFA, which conceivably is the big names of the athletes who rule the world.

Who would have thought, slipping a woman Stephanie Roche, Irish football player, thanks to a stunning volley for his club, Peamount United, who on YouTube watched more than three million times.

Kick which led him to become a professional player in France, then enter the final list of the best goals, which consists of three people, together with the World Cup goal of the Dutch star Robin van Persie and Colombian star James Rodriguez.

That was also the first time, a woman entered in the three last names best scorer of FIFA.

The moment of defiance boxer daughter Sarita Devi

Controversy act Sarita Devi Indian female boxer who refuses his bronze medal in the Asian Games in South Korea, is the most crowded discussed by audiences BBC BBC Tamil and Hindi.

Devi refused the bronze medal in protest over controversial defeat in the semi-final match of the lightweight class boxer South Korean Park Ji-Na.

Later he admitted that he regretted his actions and accept the medal as well, he was suspended by the International Boxing Association (AIBA).

FIGC Want to Cut Number of teams in Serie A – Italian Football Federation (FIGC) revealed plans pruning teams Serie A. The plan is to improve the quality of competition and competition schedule is not too dense and long.

Since 2004, the Serie A followed by 20 teams. Previous top division in a competition in Italy this was several times through the turn of the number of participants.

One season with 18 teams applied several times, so that the most frequently used. This number is used in the period 1929-1934, 1942-1946, 1952-1967, and the last in 1988-2004. The number of participating teams at least once used are 16 teams, while the highest is 21 clubs which only lasted one season in 1947-1948.

Having assessed decreased since the financial crisis in recent years, not a few who feel Champions Italy need to make changes. One of which is considered important is again reduced the team.

By reducing the number of teams, the quality of competition is believed to be increasing. In addition, the competition becomes more loose schedule. This is a priority for next year FIGC. Reduction will also apply in Serie B and Lega Pro.

“Trimming Serie A to 18 teams is a big target in 2015. Together with the European Cup qualifier in 2016,” said FIGC president Carlo Tavecchio told Corriere della Sera quoted by Football Italia.

“We wanted to take a vote on the amendment on June 30, 2016 to 2017 season. Serie A will be 18 teams, 20 teams of Serie B and Lega Pro is still to be determined by considering the Serie D can grow big,” he added.

In addition to trimming program team, other things in focus FIGC are plans to make the upcoming 2015-2016 season’s competition to be completed more quickly. This was done because the Italian national team needs sufficient preparation for the European Cup in 2016.

“You can not prepare for the European Championship in for 18 days. On average 28.8 days, so I’m sure with the collaboration of everyone we can overcome this. I personally would ask the league to finish more quickly,” said Tavecchio.

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